Longer Hours & Quiet Place to Study Needed

I find the hours of the library very incompatible with students who have a “busy” schedule. As a full time student with three jobs I don’t feel as if I am getting an adequate amount of time in the library. I have classes all day and work late on weekdays leaving little or NO time in the library because it closes before mid-night. We are told to be studying 3 hours for every 1 hour of lecture; how are students expected to study when their class goes until 4pm on Friday, and the library closes at 5:45pm? Also, students have exams on Mondays! We are told not to “cram” for exams, but how can we get a sufficient amount of studying done if there is no where to study? On Saturdays I work 10:30am-7pm which leaves me with NO possible library time. The library is open for less than 7 hours on Saturdays!! As some may suggest to study at home, I am letting you know that is not possible to study at my house with 7 roommates on a Saturday night. Students NEED a quiet place to study. I am not the only one getting “kicked-out” at close, and I am not the only one who would like more hours. I think there should be “after hours” where everything is locked up, and there is only access to the 1st floor (maybe even 2nd floor). There doesn’t even have to be staff available – I am only asking for a quite place to study.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding our hours.    I’m sorry that our current open hours are not meeting your needs, but we are open  93 hours/week, more than all but 3 other CSU Libraries.  Our weekend hours are also comparable to all the other CSU’s – none are open after 7pm on Friday or Saturday nights.  Unfortunately we just don’t have the resources to extend our hours at this time.  In fact, more than half of the CSU Libraries have cut their hours in the last few years, but we have not.  I do agree that it would be great if HSU could provide some kind of 24-hour study space or after-hours computer labs, but at least in the Library we do not have a facility that can be left open all night without some kind of staffing or security, as some of the other CSU Libraries have in their buildings.  We will be extending our hours during the pre-finals period of May 5 – 11, when we will be open until 12:45am on weeknights, and 9:45pm on Friday and Saturday. 

John Taloff
Circulation Supervisor
Humboldt State University Library

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Dirty Library

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that the library (second floor in particular) has been very dirty. I was in the children’s section on Friday afternoon and it was filthy. Spoiled food under chairs, goopy residue on tables, oily/wet/dirty upholstery on chairs, and very smelly. There were also several people sleeping up there, adding to the smell. I thought that maybe the dirtiness was from a busy week and that the issue would be resolved over the weekend. Today I came in to study and found a seat by the window after passing by several seats that were too dirty to sit on because they were covered in hair or dirt (actual dirt, like a plant would grow in). When I sat down I noticed a rotting apple core (actually rotting, it had definitely been there for several days) in the windowsill and debris all around. It just seems “trashy.” It smells and I feel like I have to wipe off the tables before I can set my computer down because it is so dirty and I don’t even have high standards of cleanliness! I try and pick up trash when I see it and I know that the janitorial staff has been cut with the furloughs but the library is becoming a very gross place. Thanks for listening to my concern. I love the library, just not the grime :)

We are sorry that the Library has not been as clean as any of us would prefer recently. The Library has been in ongoing discussion with the custodial supervisor in Plant Operations over the need for more janitorial help in the Library and will share your concerns with him. Two contributing factors are working against us at this point: 1) the State-mandated staff furlough days which you have already mentioned, and 2) the change in the work schedules of the campus custodial team from a daytime shift to a nighttime shift. Please continue to report issues that you might have in this regard, which will help us make our case for more daytime assistance in maintaining a clean and healthy Library environment.

Wayne Perryman
Library Dean

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Copies of Special Collection Photos?

Hello, In a recent National Geographic I found a picture from your Erickson collection about loggers in the Redwoods. I have since found the picture on your link to that collection on the internet. Do you offer prints for any such images? If so, how much do they cost? Thank you.

I’m glad you found the picture from the Library’s Ericson collection in the current National Geographic and then on the Humboldt Room website! We do not offer prints for these images, but we do encourage you to download the images and print them yourself, assuming this is for personal and/or study use. If you wish to use the images for commercial purposes, then you can fill out our application form and submit the use fee of $50/image. Here is the link to the application form: http://library.humboldt.edu/humco/services/appldupl.htm. Let me know if you have further questions.

Joan Berman
Special Collections Librarian

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Uncomfortable Chairs

I would like to have new chairs since the chair in the library are breaking down and make my back hurt. It would be nice if there are some changes. Thank you, ~Mari

Thank you for your comment. There are many different styles of chairs in the Library, some of which have been in use for years. If you have a particular type of chair which has been giving you grief, we would appreciate that additional information so that we can investigate further. Likewise, if you are aware of any broken chairs, please bring those to our attention as well, so that we can remove them from the public area for repair or disposal as soon as possible.

In a related note, the Library is currently purchasing 48 new chairs for the Learning Commons student access computers and for the group study rooms on the first floor of the Library. That purchase will enable us to replace some of our less comfortable furniture elsewhere in the Library.

Thanks again for your feedback. We hope that your back feels better real soon!
Wayne Perryman

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Library Cafe

On my return to the library this semester, I noticed the construction of a cafe in the first floor!! What’s the story with this construction? Will it bring new monies to the library? Does it serve as a new and trendy studying area and food friendly area? Best, Lance

You are absolutely correct that we are in the process of constructing a Library cafe in the lobby of the Library. The cafe project is a collaborative effort, which is being funded by the University Center, Plant Operations, and the Office of Academic Affairs. Construction will be completed over the summer and the beverage/snack bar, which will be coordinated by the University Center, is expected to open at the beginning of the fall 2009 semester. The cafe will not bring additional funds to the Library, but that was never really the intent. Our primary goal in constructing the cafe is to provide new services for our students in a comfortable and welcoming environment within the Library, in support of their academic pursuits. We know that many students spend long hours in the Library at times when other dining services on campus may not be readily available or convenient. Those hardworking students will now have the option of finding needed sustenance (particularly hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, and fresh snacks) without even having to leave the building.

More information about the Library cafe is available on the Learning Commons News page.

Wayne Perryman

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Library’s Annual Booksale

Please bring back the annual library booksale! I just read your Used Bookstore FAQ.

Thank you for your interest in the Library. Alas, for many reasons, the annual Library booksale is a thing of the past. You mention that you have read our FAQ, but, if you have not had a chance to check out the Library Used Book Shop in person, I encourage you to do so. The Book Shop has proven to be popular with our primary constituency, the HSU community, although I recognize that the mid-day hours may not be as convenient for local community members, book dealers, etc. If there is anything that we can do to help facilitate your visit, please let me know.
Wayne Perryman

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Hi there, Does the library hold an annual booksale? If so, when does it occur? Thanks, Rick

Thank you for your interest in the Library. In the past, we have held an annual booksale each fall in order to dispose of unwanted library materials. Beginning this year, however, we decided to take a different approach and have established a Library Used Bookshop where we offer those materials for sale. For more information, you can go to the Bookshop web page at http://library.humboldt.edu/bookshop.html. The shop is closed right now during intersession, but will reopen on Tuesday, January 20. Let us know if you have additional questions.
Wayne Perryman

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LP Collection

I and many of my friends were very concern to hear that the HSU library was removing all their records from the system. We don’t agree with this choice. We love renting these records from the library many of which are not found on CD. We can’t believe this library is doing this and we want to officially complain. We would also like to know what reason is behind this action. Thank you, and we hope to continue seeing records at the HSU library.

Thank you for sharing your concern about the Library’s withdrawing of our LP collection.  I am glad to know that you and your friends have been borrowing (not “renting;” we don’t charge for the loan of our materials) from the collection although I am surprised, too, to hear this.  The LP withdrawal project has been going on for several years, and the main reason is that there is virtually no circulation of these items.  There are other reasons; for example, nearly all of the LPs are in bad condition (badly scratched, warped, even cracked), the LP format is not good for a circulating collection, the curriculum has changed and many of the recordings are no longer relevant to what is taught at HSU (the library’s mission is to support the curriculum, unlike a public library, where the mission is to support the interests of the community).  Whether or not the LPs are available in CD format is not the issue.  What matters is whether or not the LPs are needed to support coursework.  If they were, presumably they would be circulating.

We have not added to our LP collection by purchase or donation for nearly 20 years.  Despite your objection, we will continue to withdraw our remaining LPs.  I encourage you to find items of interest at the library’s used bookshop and purchase them, at nominal prices, for your continued enjoyment.

I hope I’ve answered your questions.  Thanks again for your interest in the library. 

Best wishes,
Martha Johansen, Arts & Humanities Librarian

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Book Request

Please order the following reference book: Trees of Guatemala, Author: Tracey Parker, Publisher: The Tree Press, Austin, Texas, http://www.thetreepress.com/, 1033 pages, hardbound, illustrated, over 2,300 species, isbn: 9780971873902. Thank you. 

Thank your for your interest in the Library’s book collection. Requests for purchase need to be sent on this form: http://library.humboldt.edu/cgiemail/acqpurchaseform.html 

Especially now, when our funds to purchase books are so limited, it is essential that you identify which courses would be supported by the purchase you recommend.  We can’t guarantee that we will be able to purchase the book, but we will give it every consideration.

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Photos on website

I really like the new photos on the library web page!

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