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Please put Firefox on all the library computers. Right now they have very outdated versions of IE that haven’t been patched and are a significant security concern to those that use these machines. You can also setup Firefox to flush personal information when the browser window is closed, which would really increase privacy on these computers.

Thanks for the suggestions.  We are planning to add Firefox as an alternative browser to all of the Library’s public workstations in the near future. 

The Library workstations are all set to automatically install windows updates, including updates to Internet Explorer, every evening.  To date, an upgrade to the recently released Internet Explorer version 7 has not been included in Microsoft’s schedule of automatic updates.  We will be investigating this, to see if we will have to manually install this upgrade.

The Library’s computers are also protected by security software that completely restores their configuration when the systems are rebooted.  If you are concerned about the persistence of your personnel information on our public workstations,  restart the workstation as you leave it.

Jeremy C. Shellhase
Systems Librarian

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  1. Tim says:

    Just thought I’d respond to this since I couldn’t before. You say that auto updates are on, but since you use Deep Freeze to prevent modification those auto updates are reverted every time the computer is rebooted. Additionally Internet Explorer 7 requires the user to click through several installation dialogs before it will install. The only way you can get updates to these machines is to either “thaw” them and update them or to redeploy the image from time to time.

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