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As a “non-traditional student” that has decided to live on-campus I am also a student that has chosen to come back to university in order to study long and hard hours in order to make the best grades that I can possibly make while I’m here. It is in this respect that I’d like to request that you extend the hours of operation for the library on weekends in order for many of us to put those extra hours of study in. I feel that I’m not alone in wanting this as I’m not the only one that is “kicked-out” when it’s time for the library to close doors at the end of the night. Thanks for your time and I sincerely hope that you will consider extending the hours of operation here at the library. ~Johnny

Thanks for your suggestion about increasing the Library hours.  We understand your concerns about needing a quiet place to study and wish that we could accommodate your request.  However, due to the ongoing budget reductions, we are unable to increase hours, and, in fact, have been thinking that it might be necessary to decrease them next semester in order to meet this year’s budget reduction.  Although this may not be much consolation to you, HSU has the fourth highest number of open hours in the CSU because we are open 93.75 hours per week.

Best regards,
Sharmon Kenyon, Dean
University Library

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