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I think it would be a good idea to not post announcements about library hours etc… on the sliding glass door at the entrance. It is very difficult to read these as the door slides open as soon as you are close enough to read it. Not only is it difficult to read but the door slides open and closed and one is left blocking the entrance. Perhaps a better and more accesible place would be on the window in between the entrance and exit doors

Thank you for your suggestion.  It is true that signs posted on the sliding doors do move.  They have been posted there as they are more visible and more likely viewed as they are right in your face, but it is true that it could be a hazard.  In the future signs will be posted on the stationary windows; however, there may be occasional exceptions.  If you happen to notice that you, indeed, don’t pay attention to signs on the stationary windows, we’d appreciate your letting us know.  Thank you again.  We appreciate feedback from patrons.

DeeDee Washburn
Library Dean’s Office

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2 Responses to Posting Announcements

  1. Nathan says:

    Well I’m glad to know that the president wants us to play an additional 200 dollars next semester. That way the football team can keep its 400,000 dollar a year budget for its games. The library should cut its hours, who needs books at a school anyways. Lets just have a big bond fire with the books!

    Oh, and since this is the Internet, If you haven’t gotten it this was all sarcasm….

  2. frank bennett says:

    how do we get the library open 24 hrs? Student workers could handle the down time but the resources would be available.

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