Longer Hours & Quiet Place to Study Needed

I find the hours of the library very incompatible with students who have a “busy” schedule. As a full time student with three jobs I don’t feel as if I am getting an adequate amount of time in the library. I have classes all day and work late on weekdays leaving little or NO time in the library because it closes before mid-night. We are told to be studying 3 hours for every 1 hour of lecture; how are students expected to study when their class goes until 4pm on Friday, and the library closes at 5:45pm? Also, students have exams on Mondays! We are told not to “cram” for exams, but how can we get a sufficient amount of studying done if there is no where to study? On Saturdays I work 10:30am-7pm which leaves me with NO possible library time. The library is open for less than 7 hours on Saturdays!! As some may suggest to study at home, I am letting you know that is not possible to study at my house with 7 roommates on a Saturday night. Students NEED a quiet place to study. I am not the only one getting “kicked-out” at close, and I am not the only one who would like more hours. I think there should be “after hours” where everything is locked up, and there is only access to the 1st floor (maybe even 2nd floor). There doesn’t even have to be staff available – I am only asking for a quite place to study.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding our hours.    I’m sorry that our current open hours are not meeting your needs, but we are open  93 hours/week, more than all but 3 other CSU Libraries.  Our weekend hours are also comparable to all the other CSU’s – none are open after 7pm on Friday or Saturday nights.  Unfortunately we just don’t have the resources to extend our hours at this time.  In fact, more than half of the CSU Libraries have cut their hours in the last few years, but we have not.  I do agree that it would be great if HSU could provide some kind of 24-hour study space or after-hours computer labs, but at least in the Library we do not have a facility that can be left open all night without some kind of staffing or security, as some of the other CSU Libraries have in their buildings.  We will be extending our hours during the pre-finals period of May 5 – 11, when we will be open until 12:45am on weeknights, and 9:45pm on Friday and Saturday. 

John Taloff
Circulation Supervisor
Humboldt State University Library

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  1. Greg Gehr says:

    This is an old post, but still a topical subject, and I agree with the original poster There should be a solution developed for late night studying for HSU students. Instead of making this an issue of “library budget” and a comparison of “HSU vs other libraries in the CSU system”, how about working with the UC, the AS, Plant Operations, the Learning Commons, etc. and leveraging the resources of the entire University to find a creative solution? There is a way to help, if the campus entities break old habits and work together!

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