Catalog log-ins

About the logins needed to access catalogs… This is pretty annoying. I wish the catalog was just easily available without requring logins. Also, it would save a lot of trouble to make a new password. The current password has lots of capitals and spaces. I always seem to mess it up three or so times before it lets me login. Maybe a password like ‘password’ would save a whole lot of trouble. Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience with logon at the library stations.  We installed the logon system so that we could reserve machines for student use and also so that we could provide some additional features and conveniences for our students.  New security regulation from the federal government have also required that we institute logons for unrestricted internet access.  The campus system requires so called “hard passwords” with upper and lower case letters and special characters, but we’re tying to make it as easy as possible to remember and enter our public password.  Maybe we’ll try a new one soon.

We are also getting a number of our computers logged in as the public user as we open the Library, so that they’ll be available for more convenient use of the catalog and our databases.  Once they’re logged in as the public user, they will stay logged in for easy use.  Obviously, we’ve not gotten enough of them logged in every morning, but we’ll start doing more.

Thanks for the feedback.
Jeremy Shellhase
Systems Librarian

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2 Responses to Catalog log-ins

  1. L. says:

    The computers are logging off automatically, that is why there are many computers not logged in during the day.

  2. Tim Smith says:

    Having them log off automatically is a good thing. It keeps the plazzoids from hanging out in the library

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