Food in the Library – What do you think?

Present Library policy only allows food in the Food Friendly Area on the first floor of the Library. The Library is currently reviewing this policy, including: 1) leaving the policy as is; 2) creating spaces on the second and third floors where food is also allowed; and 3) allowing food most everywhere in the Library. There is also the question of what kinds of foods are permissible for consumption in the Library. We welcome your comments below.

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10 Responses to Food in the Library – What do you think?

  1. Bob says:

    I think food of a reasonable nature should be allowed throughout most areas of the Library. That appears to be current practice anyway.

  2. Lily P. says:

    I think we’re all adults and can make the decision to go eat in an appropriate place. Food is distracting in the library – the wrappers are loud, the smells can be strong, and there’s always the possibility of books or computers getting damaged by grubby fingers and crumbs. There’s a whole world out there where food can be eaten – why can’t we keep it out of the library and leave this quiet, clean, communal space free for studying?

  3. Mary Kate says:

    I don’t think it would be a good idea to have a Library-wide food acceptance policy. There is the concern of noise(wrappers) and smells being a distraction to people who are studying. My main concern though is that inviting food into the main stacks puts the books at risk of spills and residue. I think expanding the food policy would invite irresponsibility. The current policy serves the needs of the majority of Library users.

  4. Lance Nolen says:

    I think that the policy should remain as it is now. If food were allowed in other parts of the Library, it would be very distracting to study, as some foods are crunchy, some wrappers would rustle, and so on. There is also the danger that food would damage the library materials. It helps to have one area in the first floor (where noise is all right anyways), not in the vicinity of very many library materials, where students can eat food. Our Food Friendly Area is fine. I think all foods are appropriate for the Food Friendly Area as long as people clean up after themselves.

  5. Jason Simone says:

    The current policy is quite helpful to me, so I would hope not to do away with it all together. The library is a one-stop shop for a full-night of study, and the food-friendly area is a significant part of that, so I do like the idea of expanding it. It gets a lot of use for quiet study sessions between classmates, and grabbing a quick bite without escaping research mode.

    I think if the food-friendly area were left in the same location but made a bit bigger, perhaps with an extra table and several more comfy chairs, it would get more use for study meetings between friends and classmates. If you build it, they will come, so to speak.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    I see people eating throughout the library already. Are you sure you have a food policy that says you can’t eat anywhere except the food friendly area? If so, why bother with a policy? I think food should be allowed so students can study and eat without having to move all their stuff. Please provide a few more trash containers, reclycling for glass, and make it known that food is allowed, but be respectful of others as usual when eating loud food. thank you for allowing this comment.

  7. Ryan says:

    I think at the minimum it would be nice to have a library wide drink acceptance policy. As much as I love books, when I am tired and trying to research a new topic, I get tired. Coffee and tea come to my rescue! And to those who say study elsewhere with food/drink; I have a 6 year-old son at home, and many other places where food is acceptable are not quiet enough for reading.

  8. Food and Drink use in any Library is OK if the privilege is not abused .
    Let the HSU policy remain as it is for awhile and see .


  9. Margaret says:

    I agree with the comment above that drinks should be allowed, but only if they’re in containers like commuter cups or bottles with lids– and I *think*, if I recall correctly, that that’s how the policy stands now already. If I’m wrong about that, I apologize for always having my commuter cup with me wherever I am in the library!

    I think it might be nice if a few foods that are clearly not at all messy would be allowed, like for example carrot or celery sticks (no peanut butter or dip though!). Anything that doesn’t leave fingers sticky and can’t spill.

    Also, if the food friendly area had a few more private areas, like just some of the desks with divider walls, it would be more pleasant too.

  10. Nancy Henkel says:

    I love the food friendly area! It is a great place for me to set up shop on the weekends and have a long day of productivity. I actually would love to see an area that provides more amenities, such as a coffee machine, hot water and microwaves. I could be in a room so that it is not as distracting to other students, but i think it is a vital place for academic achievement. I think you could even create a mini store for such things as caffeine drinks, water and snacks. This may provide funds for more books or other resources in the future.

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