Computer Log-ins

Having a password just to access the library book database is poorly thought out. It slows down the system to an excessive degree and creates a lot of problems. I know the excuse is “security”, but in my estimation of it, all this “security” is simply a tactic for someone trying to justify their paycheck. Not even UCLA, Stanford, or other large schools make people put in passwords just to use the libraries online catalog. Yet tiny little HSU feels the need to ratchet up security to an almost east berlinian degree.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We will be making sure that most of the computers are logged in as the public user in the morning, so that simple, walk up access to the catalog is available more easily. We’re in the early phases of implementing logons and will be improving our proceedures soon.

We’ve had multiple requests from students to institute a system of logons, to make our computers available for student use.

Jeremy C. Shellhase
Systems Librarian

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