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Can we get a copy of the book ‘Cancer; we live and die by radiation’ for the library? The book came out in 9/06 and is authored by Michelangelo Delfino and Mary E. Day. Seems most of the other Cal state libraries have it but none near here and I hate ill. Thanks.

I am sorry but we have very little money to buy books and the few that we buy must support the curricular needs of Humboldt State University.  Are you a student or faculty member at HSU?  This particular book does not appear to fit with the needs of our Nursing Department.  I also cannot find any scholarly reviews of this book so I don’t know what experts in the field think about it. 

I suggest that you contact the Humboldt County Library and ask that they purchase the book.  I urge you to rethink your dislike of Interlibrary Loan as it is a wonderful service offered by HSU Library (only to HSU faculty, students and staff) and the Humboldt County Library system.  You might also consider purchasing your own copy which is available for $23.07 at

Sharon S. Chadwick
Science Librarian

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2 Responses to Book Request

  1. Cindy Yuen says:

    Great library!
    You want the students to purchase books instead of having our library provide the books for us.
    Are you for real?

  2. Lawrence Fine says:

    Are you suggesting we buy books at Amazon because our library cannot afford to purchase them?
    Perhaps we should just stop reading. Really.

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