Third Floor Computers

Everytime I have come into the library and look for books, often they are on the third floor, and I see that the three computer’s are monopolized. If I need to do additional searching, I have to go down a flight of stairs or across to the other side of the building to do another search in the catalog, and I find this very inconvenient and would like to see more computers available in this area for people like me. I have also noticed that the people using those computers are always the same people, and they are there at all times of the day. Also, there should be hand sanitzer’s throughout the building.

We are aware of the shortage of computers on the third floor of the Library and the inconvenience caused by some users monopolizing them.  While the Library does have a policy requiring that all users limit their sessions to 30 minutes or less at these machines, it has proven difficult to enforce.  To make these computers more available to HSU students, we will be requiring users to log on with HSU ID and password in the very near future.  We will not be able to provide hand sanitizers in the Library, but do provide restrooms on each floor.  We also regularly clean the keyboards on all of our public stations. 

Jeremy C. Shellhase, Systems Librarian  

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  1. Tim says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you once more. It will be a wonderful thing to actual be able to use the computers that my tuition pay for. I know there are many students out there that will welcome this change.

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