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Book Request

Can we get a copy of the book ‘Cancer; we live and die by radiation’ for the library? The book came out in 9/06 and is authored by Michelangelo Delfino and Mary E. Day. Seems most of the other Cal … Continue reading

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Video Request

Could you possibly add the BBC’s “Planet Earth” DVD’s to your collection? Thank you for your recommendation. Currently, we have no money to purchase any videos, but I’ve added this title to our video purchase queue for a consideration when … Continue reading

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Suggestion Posting

2-26-07 I made a suggestion on the 16th of this month, it has been 10 days, and I have not seen my suggestion posted with or without a response. I am very disappointed and wondering why you have even created … Continue reading

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Third Floor Computers

Everytime I have come into the library and look for books, often they are on the third floor, and I see that the three computer’s are monopolized. If I need to do additional searching, I have to go down a … Continue reading

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Journal Request

It would be nice to have a selection of “aquarium science”, “reef”, or any tropical fish / coral magazine in the library; this magazine selection is informative, scientific, friendly, and something I would love to read! Thanks You. The Library … Continue reading

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Posting Announcements

I think it would be a good idea to not post announcements about library hours etc… on the sliding glass door at the entrance. It is very difficult to read these as the door slides open as soon as you … Continue reading

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Software on Public Computers

I would like to see other alternative browsers in the library computer labs. Firefox 2 just came out and is gaining popularity. Thanks for your suggestion.  We will be installing Firefox as an alternative browser on the Library’s public workstations … Continue reading

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Library Hours

As a “non-traditional student” that has decided to live on-campus I am also a student that has chosen to come back to university in order to study long and hard hours in order to make the best grades that I … Continue reading

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Software on Public Computers

Please put Firefox on all the library computers. Right now they have very outdated versions of IE that haven’t been patched and are a significant security concern to those that use these machines. You can also setup Firefox to flush … Continue reading

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