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New Public Computer Use Policy

Worried? The new restrictions placed on non students’ access to the internet reminds me of the omni present “eyes” of Big Brother. Non users would be required to “register” with picture ID and valid address to get on the internet. … Continue reading

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Policy for Responsible Computing at HSU

this Policy for Responsible Computing in the Humboldt State University Library blocks resonable use related to class activity. there are better ways of monitoring who uses the web than blanket bans on every site imaginable except your own. We’re sorry … Continue reading

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Book Request

Book Suggestion Book Title: Traditional Knowledge Preserved:Lungkid Generation Volume I Author: Amnah Abdullah Copyright Date:2006 ISBN:9834312202 available at Category: Medical History Asian Culture Folklore Botany and herbal therapies Women and Traditional Medicine Thank your for your interest in the … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?–Reference

The Library offers personal help to library users in a number of ways–in-person at our reference service point; and by telephone, email, instant messaging, and individual appointment.  See Ask a Librarian for descriptions of these options.  We are considering renaming … Continue reading

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Quiet Study Areas

Hi there, I have a concern with the Quiet Study Areas in the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library. I have used the Quiet Study Areas for three years now to fulfill my need for a quiet space to … Continue reading

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Catalog log-ins

About the logins needed to access catalogs… This is pretty annoying. I wish the catalog was just easily available without requring logins. Also, it would save a lot of trouble to make a new password. The current password has lots … Continue reading

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Food in the Library – What do you think?

Present Library policy only allows food in the Food Friendly Area on the first floor of the Library. The Library is currently reviewing this policy, including: 1) leaving the policy as is; 2) creating spaces on the second and third … Continue reading

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Book Request

I suggest you purchase “Collett Leventhorpe, the English Confederate: The Life of a Civil War General 1815-1889″. It is authored by J. Timothy Cole and was published by McFarland in 2007 (ISBN: 0786426497). This book is an excellent study of … Continue reading

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Computer Log-ins

Having a password just to access the library book database is poorly thought out. It slows down the system to an excessive degree and creates a lot of problems. I know the excuse is “security”, but in my estimation of … Continue reading

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Print Reserve Request Form

Could you make the Print Reserve Request form available electronically? Even if it were just a digital version of the paper form that we could fill out that would make it easier to fill out, and probably easier for you … Continue reading

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