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Longer Hours & Quiet Place to Study Needed

I find the hours of the library very incompatible with students who have a “busy” schedule. As a full time student with three jobs I don’t feel as if I am getting an adequate amount of time in the library. … Continue reading

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Dirty Library

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that the library (second floor in particular) has been very dirty. I was in the children’s section on Friday afternoon and it was filthy. Spoiled food under chairs, goopy residue on tables, … Continue reading

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Copies of Special Collection Photos?

Hello, In a recent National Geographic I found a picture from your Erickson collection about loggers in the Redwoods. I have since found the picture on your link to that collection on the internet. Do you offer prints for any … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable Chairs

I would like to have new chairs since the chair in the library are breaking down and make my back hurt. It would be nice if there are some changes. Thank you, ~Mari Thank you for your comment. There are … Continue reading

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Library Cafe

On my return to the library this semester, I noticed the construction of a cafe in the first floor!! What’s the story with this construction? Will it bring new monies to the library? Does it serve as a new and … Continue reading

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Library’s Annual Booksale

Please bring back the annual library booksale! I just read your Used Bookstore FAQ. Thank you for your interest in the Library. Alas, for many reasons, the annual Library booksale is a thing of the past. You mention that you … Continue reading

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Hi there, Does the library hold an annual booksale? If so, when does it occur? Thanks, Rick Thank you for your interest in the Library. In the past, we have held an annual booksale each fall in order to dispose … Continue reading

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LP Collection

I and many of my friends were very concern to hear that the HSU library was removing all their records from the system. We don’t agree with this choice. We love renting these records from the library many of which … Continue reading

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Book Request

Please order the following reference book: Trees of Guatemala, Author: Tracey Parker, Publisher: The Tree Press, Austin, Texas,, 1033 pages, hardbound, illustrated, over 2,300 species, isbn: 9780971873902. Thank you.  Thank your for your interest in the Library’s book collection. … Continue reading

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Photos on website

I really like the new photos on the library web page!

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