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Temperature in the Library

Hi I was just wondering why the ac is always on in the library. It feels like the temperature is set extremely low. It’s always cold in the library and even having a jacket on, it’s very difficult to concentrate. … Continue reading

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Praise for ILL and Humboldt Room

Just want to say thank you to the ILL people! I really appreciate how promptly you find and deliver requested articles to us students. The HSU Library holdings – in particular the academic journal offerings – are pretty limited, but … Continue reading

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Computers and Printers

Good evening, I would highly appreciate it if your staff did not turn off all the computers and printers before the library closes. My printer ran out of ink tonight so I ran on to campus to print some papers … Continue reading

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New Silent Study Room Suggestions

The new quite room is a great and overdue addition to the needs of students like myself who need a distraction free study environment! Thank you for this resource! In response to the sign/John requesting feedback on the effectiveness of … Continue reading

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Checking Out Reserve Items

The textbooks for one of my classes are on reserve at the front desk. My copies are still in the mail so I need to use the ones that the library has in order to do my assignments. The problem … Continue reading

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Want Quiet Now!

I’ve listened to the library management do nothing but MAKE EXCUSES for the past 3 years about why they can’t do anything FIRM about creating and maintaining a quite place to study! Where did the library go?! Where is the … Continue reading

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Using the Library’s Website

I couldn’t easily locate information on how to acquire a library card. Through a telephone query, I found out that the ID desk issues them, but couldn’t find their phone number. Connie, the very helpful person answering the phone at … Continue reading

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Socializing and Noise in the Library

  Hello, As I sit here trying to write my first essay of the semester I am finding that it is rather difficult. It’s not that I don’t know what to write about or where to find materials, it’s simply … Continue reading

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Library Cafe Noise

I’d like to bring attention to the library cafe and its disruptiveness. I find it very hard to study when the baristas/students working in the library are singing out loud, talking very loud,and just not paying any consideration for the … Continue reading

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Student Employment in Library

I have a general question about student employment in the library. If I am interested in applying for a job in the library starting next semester, Fall 2010, should I apply now or should and wait and apply at the … Continue reading

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