Temperature in the Library

Hi I was just wondering why the ac is always on in the library. It feels like the temperature is set extremely low. It’s always cold in the library and even having a jacket on, it’s very difficult to concentrate. Maybe we can set it to room temperature? I know many other students have complained about this issue as well. It’d make studying here a lot more comfortable since many students don’t like using the heaters at home. Thank you for your time!

We are sorry you are feeling cold in the Library but the only area in the building that has air conditioning is the L121 lab. We do have a huge boiler in the basement for heat and facilities management personnel take readings throughout this large building regularly to try to maintain comfortable temperatures. The temperature will vary according to the floor you are on, whether or not the windows are open, the number of students in an area, and, of course, the temperature outside. We have found the 3rd floor to be the warmest area and the fishbowl (L209) and the lobby to be the coldest because of the windows and doors. Of course, what’s comfortable for one student may be too hot or too cold for another, so another option is to dress in layers, adding or shedding clothes as needed. We hope you find a comfortable place to study.

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Praise for ILL and Humboldt Room

Just want to say thank you to the ILL people! I really appreciate how promptly you find and deliver requested articles to us students. The HSU Library holdings – in particular the academic journal offerings – are pretty limited, but the ILL staff makes up for it by ensuring we have access to what we need. Our ability to do thorough research on this campus would suffer greatly without ILL. Also want to put in a plug for the wonderful staff and resources up in the Humboldt Room. That’s all. :) –Flora Brain

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Computers and Printers

Good evening, I would highly appreciate it if your staff did not turn off all the computers and printers before the library closes. My printer ran out of ink tonight so I ran on to campus to print some papers and the library was still open for 15 minutes when I got there and everything was already turned off. I understand the students that work there probably want to get home as soon as they can because I too work a job with late nights, but they choose to work there and serve other students so they should keep at least a few computers on until 11:45pm and at least 1 printer seeing as the library doesn’t close till 11:45pm. I’ve noticed a lot of departments at this school have student workers with really bad customer service and maybe these workers should realize they wouldn’t have a job with out other students to serve. I hope you take this into consideration, seeing as since I have transferred here I frequently utilize the library and services it offers. Thank You

We apologize for the fact that you were not able to gain access to a printer recently. The schedules for the equipment in the Library computer labs (rooms L121, L122, and L310) are managed by the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) division. Current ITS policy is to shut down lab computers and printers approximately 30 minutes before the Library closes. If you wish to have more information on that policy, please contact Laurie Takao, who oversees the operation of campus labs for ITS. She can be reached by email at laurie takao@humboldt.edu, or by phone at 826-4207.

Having said that, I wanted to let you know that you can always use one of the computers that are in the common areas of the Library (that is, not in one of the computer labs). Those machines are never shut down during open hours and print jobs can continue to be sent to the public printer located outside of the computer lab in L121 until closing time. When you want to send a job to that printer, simply select the device identified as “LibraryP4P” from the list of available printers. Print jobs sent to that machine do cost a few cents more at $.07/page, since that printer is not part of the ITS printer network. But, the upside is that this printer will remain available during all hours the Library is open, since it is not subject to the nightly ITS shut down policy.
Let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions.
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New Silent Study Room Suggestions

The new quite room is a great and overdue addition to the needs of students like myself who need a distraction free study environment! Thank you for this resource! In response to the sign/John requesting feedback on the effectiveness of the room, their is a need to put up a sign at the tables immeadiately outside the room at the window near stairwell (next to the door to the room) to ask students who desire to socially study not to sit there; because as great as the rest of the quite study room’s effectiveness is, it all goes to ruin if people want to sit there and group study as was the case for me today as I was using the room. There is a door there that doesn’t block sound very well. I politely asked them to move and thankfully they did,but this awkward encounter can be avoided if a sign politely says to the effect ” In order for our new quite room behind you to be effective, we ask that this area be used for quite study only. Thank You for being considerate of others”.. Thank you library staff for improving our equal opportunity study access and responding to this minor additional fix :) !

We appreciate your comments regarding the new Silent Study Room and are glad to hear that it is serving its purpose. In response to your suggestion, we are giving serious consideration to designating the seating area along the windows outside of the room for quiet study only, which should help maintain silence within the room itself. We will also be adding additional signage in that area alerting everyone to the existence of the room and the need to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to ensure the success of the Silent Study Room.

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Checking Out Reserve Items

The textbooks for one of my classes are on reserve at the front desk. My copies are still in the mail so I need to use the ones that the library has in order to do my assignments. The problem is, I am in from 9am until approximately 6:30pm every day and the front desk closes at 7pm. I was wondering if I’d be able to come in at 6:30 and get the reserved books and keep them overnight. Thank you.

The front desk (Circulation Desk) is open the entire time that the Library is open, which varies depending on the day of the week.  As far as checking reserve items out overnight, that depends on what the instructor has decided.  If an item is 2-hour checkout, then you can check it out overnight within an hour of closing, due the next morning by 8:00 am.  One Day checkout items can be checked out anytime and are due the following day at closing.  And Library Use Only items, of course, cannot be taken out of the building. If you send me the instructor’s name and the course abbreviation and number (such as ART 101), I can tell you more specifically about the items on reserve for that course.

Noelle Simon
Print Reserves Coordinator

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Want Quiet Now!

I’ve listened to the library management do nothing but MAKE EXCUSES for the past 3 years about why they can’t do anything FIRM about creating and maintaining a quite place to study! Where did the library go?! Where is the study environment I’m paying for?! The administration needs to implement a cultural shift beginning with the incoming freshmen and tell them “NO, it’s not ok to talk in the quite areas, talk on your phone. No, library staff shouldn’t be talking on their phones or talking to friends in quite areas while they put away books“. Put up signs in the stairwell of the 3rd floor declaring “talking is no longer permitted on the 3rd floor” and redirect people to the 1st and second floors”. Give us students a chance to successfully study. Less excuses, less complacency, and MORE ACTION PLEASE !!!! Most people aren’t capable of making the right decisions. I just asked 2 individuals at the round table as their eating food and talking aloud in a distracting manner, why must they sit in the quite section? Their first reply was that they liked the scenery. Then they said they didn’t know they couldn’t sit there and talk, that their was any indication to the contrary. HELLO? LIBRARY MANAGEMENT? PEOPLE NEED NEW SIGNS TO GET THEIR ATTENTION PLEASE! (reading other comments from students, looks like its time to do more than “acknowledge a problem exists”!) Indeed, Ignorance is bliss at Humboldt State Library. Signed, ~ Still waiting for action 3 YEARS LATER

I appreciate you taking the time to voice your frustration and share your suggestions. We are keenly aware of the problems with noise in the Library and have been considering the options for addressing that concern on an ongoing basis. Contributing to the noise level are the increase in the number of students using the Library and the incursion of portable technology into our lives. Even so, we continue to maintain quiet study areas around the perimeter of the main book stacks on the second and third floors, and in the Helen Everett Reading Room on the second floor. We do ask our users to help us enforce the quiet study policy, but Library personnel will readily step in when issues are brought to our attention. In that spirit, I will ask the shelving supervisor to remind her student assistants that they are not to use their cell phones or talk with friends while working adjacent to a quiet zone.

In addition to the areas already mentioned, we have seven rooms available in the Library that can be reserved for up to two hours per day for individual or group study using our new online reservation system: http://library.humboldt.edu/libhours/studyroom_cal.php. This summer we will be converting the former Copy Center (room 205) into a quiet reading room with no groups, talking, food, drink, or disruptive technology allowed. We will also take this opportunity to review our signage and see if we can update it to make our policies more explicit. So, while it may not be practical to designate an entire floor as a quiet area, we are providing alternatives and exploring options that will ensure that there will continue to be places in the Library that are conducive to study and reflection. If you would like our assistance in locating a suitable place for your studies, please stop by the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Wayne Perryman
Interim Dean

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Using the Library’s Website

I couldn’t easily locate information on how to acquire a library card. Through a telephone query, I found out that the ID desk issues them, but couldn’t find their phone number. Connie, the very helpful person answering the phone at the ID desk, couldn’t locate the information on your web site, either. We spent lots of her time on the phone, explaining procedures and program. Time that could have been better utilized towards other responsibilities. Stand-alone information is more effectively and efficiently presented on-line rather than over the phone. Many thanks for your consideration.

I am sorry to hear of your difficulty in finding information on our website.  I did manage to locate this info myself, but the only way currently to do it quickly is by using the website search feature.  I agree that this should be more easily found, and  I am passing your suggestion directly along to our web page re-design committee.

Thank you,
John Taloff
Circulation Supervisor, HSU Library

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Socializing and Noise in the Library


Hello, As I sit here trying to write my first essay of the semester I am finding that it is rather difficult. It’s not that I don’t know what to write about or where to find materials, it’s simply that it is too active. Every floor that I try to study on is buzzing with social life. I know that I am not the only student slightly “peeved” about the lack of silence in the library (isn’t that what we were taught as children anyway? silence in libraries? that’s a nationwide fact, I thought). My suggestion is that there be one floor (probably the 3rd) that is quiet throughout the day. This way there are two whole floors for students to do work AND socialize, and the rest of us who wish to do our assignments in complete silence and concentration can do so, as well. I don’t think that it’s too much to ask, nor that it will be hard to establish. In the mean time I’ll just put my headphones in and drown out the chatter with classical music as best I can. Thank you for your time. Peace (and quiet), Taylor

 We are sorry that you have not been able to find a quiet space to study in the Library, but we do have a couple of options to suggest. First off, we need to acknowledge that the Library is indeed a busy place these days — last year more than 667,000 people used our facility! Add to that mix cell phones, laptops, personal listening devices, and a growing emphasis upon study groups, and you have a recipe for noise pollution. That being said, we do have designated quiet zones on the second and third floors, as well as enclosed study rooms on all three floors, which should provide a respite from the hubbub. Please consult the Library Map, or a member of the Library staff, for assistance locating one of those spaces. While it may be impractical to designate an entire floor for quiet study, as you have suggested, we are currently exploring the possibility of creating additional quiet areas, e.g., a study room that would be devoted strictly to individual quiet study (i.e., no talking, no electronic devices, etc.).

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.

Wayne Perryman
Interim Dean

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Library Cafe Noise

I’d like to bring attention to the library cafe and its disruptiveness. I find it very hard to study when the baristas/students working in the library are singing out loud, talking very loud,and just not paying any consideration for the majority of students are studying. They seem to be projecting their conversations out loud purposely so that all can hear. The kids that work there act like they are performers on stage and we are supposed to be the audience. I would love if the noise level went down. It is fine to have a good time working but that can be had at a more appropriate level.  –Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that your recent experience in the Library was not satisfactory. I have not personally noticed an unusually high level of noise or activity from the Library Cafe staff, but, in light of your comments, will pay closer attention in the future. If I find that the workers there are creating a disruption, I will be glad to follow-up with cafe management.

Regardless, please bear in mind that the Library Cafe and, indeed, the entire first floor of the Library can be a very busy place (as I write this, for example, literally every seat in the Cafe is occupied). In recognition of that fact, we have designated the common areas of the first floor as a service zone, where Library users should expect a fairly high level of activity and noise. If anyone needs a more peaceful place to study, we encourage them to seek out one of our quiet study areas on the second and third floor, or make use of one of our enclosed study rooms.

If you experience a recurrence of the problem that you have reported, or would like assistance locating a quiet place to study elsewhere in the building, please contact a member of the Library staff either at the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk.

Wayne Perryman
Interim Dean, Library

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Student Employment in Library

I have a general question about student employment in the library. If I am interested in applying for a job in the library starting next semester, Fall 2010, should I apply now or should and wait and apply at the beginning of the semester?

Presently, the library student employment application process is in transition. The library is converting the manual employment application process to an automated-electronic process.  The new policy calls for students seeking employment in the library, to visit the HSU Career Center’s Springboard Job Service, http://www.humboldt.edu/career/. When a position within the library becomes available, the supervisor of that area will post a job on the Springboard job site.  The notice will advise of the application process for that position. Students will apply directly to that specific position.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to inquire.

Kellee S. Johnson, Administrative Coordinator

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