How Do I Find Study Space in the Library?

We offer varied study space throughout the building: individual, group, and quiet.  Carrels for quiet study space are located surrounding the book stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library and that area is designated with yellow "Quiet Zone" signs.

Portable white boards are available on all three floors of the Library for use by study groups in appropriate study areas. Markers and erasers are available to borrow at the Checkout Desk.

The following rooms are available for individual or group study. They may be reserved whenever the Library is open for group study according to the procedures specified for each room. These rooms are not available to be scheduled as classrooms for ongoing course instruction. Study room reservations are available only to currently registered students, staff, and faculty of Humboldt State University.

115116, 117: These rooms contain two white board walls and study tables plus wall-mounted monitors that take laptop hook-ups. 

The following rooms are used by librarians for instruction so are not always available for students.  Pink cards posted next to the door of each room list the daily scheduled use.  Priorities for use are as follows:

  1. Instruction scheduled by librarians
  2. Library meetings
  3. Group viewing of media materials
  4. Group study and conference
  5. Individual study

Rooms 114 and 208 can be reserved on weekends.

114: This room contains a smart podium with projector and screen and white boards for individual or group study. Seating consists of individual desks that can be arranged as desired.  It holds 25-30 people.

208: This room contains video and DVD viewing equipment and a white board. Seating consists of tables and chairs that can be arranged as desired.  It holds 16-24 people.

209 (Fishbowl): This room is open for group and individual study when not reserved for library, campus, and community events. Seating is at wheeled tables and chairs that can be arranged as desired. The room contains a smart podium with projector and screen, dimmable lights, and a portable white board.  Depending on the room arrangement, this room will hold 65-85 people.