Display Cases

Reservations for Fall 2016 exhibit cases can be made through this online form and are reviewed on a first-come-first serve basis.

The Library has priority in reserving the cases for displaying information about its collections.  Check the Case Reservation Calendar to see available dates.

Non-library affiliated displays can go up for two weeks. Displays run from Tuesday through Monday (removed before 5pm on Monday) so there are displays in the cases over the weekend.

All exhibits must adhere to the Library's Exhibit Policy.

The online form is to be filled out completely. If your requested dates and/or cases are not available, Library Administration will contact you by email with other options.

If you are having trouble with the form or have other questions, please contact the Library Administration office at 826-3441.

Cases available for reserving:

  • Large case - located south of the main lobby across from the canoe and the Computer Help Desk.
  • Horizontal case - located in the main Library lobby between the exit and entrance doors.
  • Upright case - located north of the lobby in the hallway next to the restrooms.
  • Bulletin Board cases - located by entry and exit doors.