Computers & Printers

Computer Availability

Looking for a computer? Check out the LabStats map that shows the computers on all three floors and is refreshed every 30 seconds. You can also borrow a laptop from the Checkout Desk for up to 4 hours, if one is available.

Wireless Access in the HSU Library

HSU students, faculty and staff can connect to the Internet from most locations in the Library and on the HSU campus using their own portable computers equipped with wireless Ethernet cards. A campus map and additional wireless information are available at Wireless Access. Use your HSU User Name and Password to connect to the HSU wireless network.

The Library's wireless network works with network cards that are compliant with the Standards for Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). More details and help with configuration are available from the Technology Help Desk in Library 120.

Campus guests can register themselves to use the HSUGuest wireless network.


Computer stations are available in three labs (L121, L122, L310) for registered students, staff, and faculty.  There are also three types of computer stations available throughout the building.

  • Auto Logon stations provide access to library resources only. No individual logon is required or possible. Printing is currently unavailable from these stations.

  • Student/Staff/Faculty stations in the Info Commons area require a valid university account. Printing is available using the printers in the Info Commons area.

  • Student/Staff/Faculty/Community Internet Users (CIU) stations require logon and provide full access to the internet. Printing is available for students, staff, faculty, and CIUs.

The Library Computer Labs on the first floor - L121 and L122 - and the Mac Lab on the third floor - L310 - are operated and maintained by the HSU Information Technology Services (ITS). Check online for lab open hours.

Community Internet Users (CIU)

A community member not otherwise affiliated with the university who wishes to access the internet from within the HSU Library must first register as a Community Internet User (CIU) at the Checkout Desk. As a part of the registration process, the CIU will be issued a logon and password which allows unrestricted internet access of one hour each day. There is no charge for CIU registration. CIU registrations are valid up to 3 months. CIUs may re-register upon expiration of their logon and password. Although CIUs are registered in the Library’s circulation system, no additional library privileges are extended with registration. CIUs must abide by all HSU Library policies and procedures. Failure to do so can result in cancellation of logon privileges.

To register as a CIU a user must:

  • Provide a current mailing address;

  • Present Circulation staff with a valid photo ID card. Acceptable forms of photo ID include a valid driver’s license, a valid state photo ID card, a valid university ID card, or a valid passport; and

  • Sign an agreement to abide by all HSU Library policies, including the Policy for Responsible Computing in the Humboldt State University Library.

CIU registration forms are available from the Library Checkout Desk and registrations may be processed whenever the Library is open.


Printers in the Library are managed by the HSU Information Technology Services (ITS). Black and white printers are located in Library 121, 122, 310, and outside of L121.  A color printer (Lib101-ColorPrinter3) is also located outside of L121.

HSU Students, Faculty or Staff

Print jobs are deducted from your C-Card account at 4¢/page for black & white and 25¢/page for color.

Community Internet Users

Printing is available for community users with the purchase of a C-card at the Add Value machine on the 2nd floor of the Library.

ADA Access

All of the computers in the library have accessibility software installed. Magic screen magnification software provides support for low vision users and Jaws screen reader software is also available. The Jaws software installed is a limited version. Students who will be making regular use of Jaws software should contact the Student Disability Resource Center to be set up to use a full version of Jaws.

Two workstations on the first floor of the library are set to a wheelchair accessible height and are marked as reserved. One motorized, adjustable height workstation is located on the first floor, outside of room 114.