Kindle Fines, Replacement Fees & Refunds

A late fee of $5 per day, with a maximum of $25, will be assessed if a Kindle is returned past its due date. Any Kindle that is overdue more than five days will be declared lost and the borrower will be billed for the full replacement cost. Charges will be based on the cost of the Kindle and its accessories, plus fines and processing fees, as indicated below:

Kindle Fire (Amazon) $200.00
Kindle Fire Power Adapter (Amazon) $25.00
MicroShell Folio Cover (Marware) $30.00
Power Slingbag (Outdoor Products) $22.00
USB Cable $4.00
Processing Charge $15.00
Total Replacement Cost* $296.00

*Not including tax, shipping, and handling


If the Kindle and its accessories are returned within six months from the date of payment in "good working order," the item cost and processing fee may, at the discretion of the Library, be refunded. However, any fines that have been assessed will not be forgiven. The borrower is responsible for any damage done to the Kindle while it is checked out, and will be charged a fee based upon the extent of any damage, up to the cost of replacement. Also, the borrower will be charged the replacement fee if a Kindle is reported missing or stolen while checked out.