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Humboldt Digital Scholar Submission Guidelines

All first-time users must contact HDS Administrator to be registered before submitting to Humboldt Digital Scholar.
To submit your HSU thesis, see Electronic Theses.
Once registered, you may deposit your work directly into the HSU Faculty Scholarship Collection and/or into collections within an existing Community or Sub-community for which you are authorized. All items in the HSU Faculty Scholarship Collection will be publicly available once you have agreed to the HDS License Agreement; items in other collections may have access restrictions.
If you would rather have your academic unit set up its own Community or Collection or if you need restricted access to your submissions, please contact the HDS Administrator.
There are 10 simple steps to depositing your research and scholarship into Humboldt Digital Scholar.

Step 1 - Ensure Deposit Meets HDS Collection Policy

Make sure that the item to be deposited is a finished, complete work of research or scholarship OR that it is data that supports your research or scholarship. If the work has been published, review the HDS Copyright Policy and your publisher's policy on archiving in an institutional repository. You also may contact HDS Administrator for assistance.
Examples of items HDS accepts:
Working papers, discussion papers, technical reports
Published articles (where copyright allows)or preprints
Conference papers, presentations, and posters (where copyright allows)
Publications from academic units where there is a substantive scholarship portion
Video and audio of special lectures and speeches
We are not currently accepting course related material (syllabi, notes, etc.).
If you have questions about whether content is appropriate or on copyright issues, please contact the HDS Administrator.

Steps 2 through 9 - Deposit Your Item

Step 2 -

If you have submitted previously, go to My Humboldt Digital Scholar (, log in, and click “Start a New Submission”, then go to Step 3, below.
First-time users: complete registration in Humboldt Digital Scholar:
Enter your email address and click “register.” The system will return the message: "email already in use".

Go ahead and click on "reset password". An email will be sent in response.

Follow the link in the email to a page where you will enter and confirm your password. After password entry, click on "reset password".

At the next page that comes up, click on "Go to Humboldt Digital Scholar home".

Step 3 -  

At the menus on the right side under “My Account,” click on "Submissions" and then (on the next page that comes up) "Start a new submission".
Step 4 -
If you are registered for more than one Collection, select a Collection from the drop-down menu and click "Next". If you are registered for only one Collection, it should appear in the box. Click “Next”.
Step 5 -
Provide the necessary descriptive information for the item. The only required fields are:
type of resource;
year of publication or distribution; and
one subject keyword.
We recommend that you supply additional keywords and an abstract or summary to help people locate your research more easily. Fill in funding sources and description as they apply. Click "Next" for an additional screen of descriptive information. No information on this page is required. Click "Next".
Step 6 -
Upload your file that you wish to deposit. If you have a multi-file item, you will need to upload those one at a time. You may only upload one discrete item at a time. Click "Upload File".
Step 7 -
Verify that your file uploaded successfully. If you have a multi-file item, you have the option to upload additional files.
Step 8 -
Verify that your deposit is complete and correct. You can correct the descriptive information you have provided. If complete and correct, click "Next".
Step 9 -
Read the HDS License Agreement and click "I Grant the License" if you agree to the terms of the agreement. You must approve the agreement before you can deposit your item. Your submission is complete.
Step 10 - Masters Theses only
HDS staff reviews submissions to the Masters Theses Collection for metadata completion, successful deposit of file, etc. Once it has been reviewed and accepted, you will be notified of its availability. If there are any problems with the deposit, an HDS staff member will contact you by email.

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