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ALL first-time users MUST register an account and be authorized by the HDS Administrator to submit to one or more Collections in HDS. Note: Before registering, students who wish to submit their thesis must contact the Office for Research and Graduate Studies. After registering and receiving authorization:

For Faculty:

1. Contact HDS Administrator for assistance in depositing your scholarship


2. Deposit your scholarship directly into the HSU Faculty Scholarship Collection. See Submit to HDS for details.

For Students:

1. To submit your thesis, contact the Academic Programs/Undergraduate Studies - Graduate Studies before registering.

2. Other student submissions require a faculty sponsor. Contact your faculty member or HDS Administrator.

For Staff:

To deposit your scholarship, contact HDS Administrator.

For Alumni:

If you have earned an HSU Masters degree and have a thesis in our collection, we are converting theses to electronic format and archiving them in Humboldt Digital Scholar. If you are interested, please contact the HDS Administrator for details.

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