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Access restrictions

By default, items in Humboldt Digital Scholar have no access restrictions, that is, they are openly and freely available via the web. Open access to deposited items encourages dissemination and use of the research produced at Humboldt State University. The Library strongly encourages depositors not to place access restrictions on deposited items.

However, there may be some situations when depositors need to restrict access to items in HDS. For example, a publisher may allow deposit of published articles into an institutional repository, but may place an embargo of six months before the article may be made publicly accessible. Such a postprint might be deposited into HDS, but no access to the item would be allowed for a period of six months. Please note, the descriptive information, such as title, author, abstract, etc., about all items in HDS are available on the web, only access to the full document will be restricted.

Access restrictions may be imposed at the Collection or the item level. The individual depositor or HDS Collection Liaison makes the decision whether to impose access restrictions.

Access restrictions on an item or a Collection of items may be set at one of the following levels:

1. Restricted to Humboldt State University community members with an HSU User ID.
2. Restricted to a specific group defined and maintained within HDS.

If an individual depositor or HDS Collection decides to limit access to a specific group (Level 2), the individual depositor or HDS Collection Liaison must take responsibility for the continued maintenance of this group. HDS staff takes responsibility for ensuring access is restricted to the Humboldt State University community members (Level 1).

Access restrictions will be set to automatically expire after six months. Access restrictions may also be set to some other specific period of time or may be lifted sooner by request.

Questions? Contact HDS Administrator.

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