Research Revolution:  Science and the Shaping of Modern Life is a six-part video and discussion series that encourages the public to examine and to discuss the effects of science and technology on their daily lives. 


                          This is a cooperative project of Humboldt State University Library & The Humboldt County Library


Local Dates and Times


March 26, 2003  7 – 9pm   Session I:    Atomic Age   Film: I Am Become Death: They Made the Bomb                


April    2,  2003  7 – 9pm   Session 2: Robotics  Film: Into the Body


April    9,  2003  7 – 9pm   Session 3: Genetics   Film:  Our Genes, Our Choices: Who Gets to Know?


April 16,   2003  7 – 9pm   Session 4: Forensics    Film:  Gene Squad


 April  23,  2003  7 – 9 pm   Session 5: Global Warming   Film:  What’s Up With the Weather?


 April 30,   2003  7 – 9 pm  Session 6:   Biodiversity    Film:  Natural Connections


Facilitator: Dr. Richard Paselk, Professor of Chemistry, Humboldt State University


All viewing of videos and discussions will take place at the Humboldt County Public Library, Eureka Main Library’s meeting room.  The general public is invited to attend.  Individuals may attend any one, or all of the series.  Admission and parking are free.  Registration is encouraged, although not required.  Contact Kumi Watanabe-Schock at (707)826-5656 or send e-mail to:  or call Eureka Library Reference Desk at (707)269-1905


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