Searching: Creating a Search Query Exercise

Practice creating an appropriate search query for the questions given below. Follow the link to see if an answer is correct.

  1. What is known about Shakespeare's life?
  2. a. what AND known AND Shakespeare AND life
    b. Shakespeare AND bio*
    c. Shakespeare AND biograph*
    d. life AND Shakespeare

  1. Do we learn better if we eat breakfast?
  2. a. breakfast AND cognition
    b. (learning OR cognition) AND (diet OR nutrition OR breakfast)
    c. (learning AND diet) OR (learning AND breakfast) OR (learning AND nutrition)
    d. learning AND nutrition

  1. Is reasearch involving the use of embryos to clone human beings ethically acceptable?
  2. a. embryo* AND cloning AND humans
    b. embryo* AND cloning AND involv* AND ethic* AND human
    c. (embryo OR embryonic) AND cloning AND ethics
    d. embryo* AND (clone OR cloning) AND ethic*