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The AGRICOLA (Agricultural Online Access) database contains bibliographic records of materials acquired by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and cooperating institutions in the agricultural and related sciences. Ninety percent of the records describe journal articles and book chapters, and the remaining ten percent describe monographs, series, microforms, audiovisuals, maps, and other types of materials. Together they provide worldwide coverage of the agricultural literature. Materials covered in the database include those published from 1970 on.

  1. What disciplines does this database cover?
  2. a. Sociology, Psychology
    b. Music, Art
    c. Agricultural and related sciences
    d. All disciplines

  1. What time periods are covered?
  2. a. Historical documents from 1800s
    b. Mostly before 1970
    c. Mostly after 1970
    d. 1990-present

  1. Which publication types are included?
  2. a. Scholarly
    b. Popular
    c. Both

  1. What elements of a source are included?
  2. a. The whole article (full-text)
    b. Bibliographic citations
    c. Links to on-line journals

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