More about Research Roadmap


Research Roadmap is part of the Humboldt State University Library’s Information literacy program.  It is based on Research 101 at the University of Washington and was created in 2008 in compliance with the Creative Commons license for that site.  Research Roadmap contains several additions to Research 101, most notably the Ethics unit and ADA compliant version of many features.

The Research Roadmap units may be used independently or with a class, individually or in any combination.  They may be incorporated into a course management system, linked to a course website, or printed out.  All such uses must comply with the conditions of the Creative Commons license for Research Roadmap.

For more detailed or course-specific instruction in using the resources of Humboldt State University Library, HSU instructors should contact the librarian assigned to their department.

Please send questions or comments about Research Roadmap to Gretchen Keer.