Research Roadmap - Finding: Reading Citations Exercise
Type of Citation Citation Example Clues
online article Kalb, Claudia. "What Dreams are Made Of." Newsweek 8 Nov. 1999. 2 Dec. 1999. <> The web address (url) & two dates indicate this is an online version of an article from Newsweek magazine.
newspaper article Schwartz, Susan. "Yes, Life is But a Dream: Counselor helps interpret meaning." The Montreal Gazette 24 April, 2000, B2. The newspaper title & the section number indicate this is a newspaper article. Newspapers tend to have names like "Times," "Post," & "Gazette."
book chapter Flannagan, Owen. "Sleepy Heads." In: Dreaming Souls: sleep, dreams, and the evolution of the conscious mind. New York; Oxford University Press, 2000. 65-92. The word "In" followed by a title & the page numbers indicate that the chapter "Sleep Heads" is part of the book, Dreaming Souls.
journal article Mazzoni, G.A., and Malvagia, Stephano (1995) "Dream Interpretations and False Beliefs," Professional Psychology, Research and Practice v30 il, 45-51. Volume & Issue numbers & 2 titles indicate that this is a journal article.