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Try the new online Library Skills tutorial "Begin Your Research at HSU"

(NOTE: Research Roadmap will be taken down in December 2013.)

Research Roadmap: an interactive online tutorial


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Research Roadmap provides an introduction to research skills, including:

  • How to select a topic and develop research questions

  • How to select, search for, find, and evaluate information sources

  • The ethics of information use, including copyright and fair use

  • How to avoid plagiarism

  • How to cite sources correctly

Research Roadmap is intended to help improve how you research, so you can tackle information problems anywhere.

Note: For HSU-specific help page with links for finding information please see our Research Guides. For additional research help, please see your instructor or ask a librarian.



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There are 7 units in this tutorial, each with its own set of objectives, information, and exercises. Start with "The Basics."

Some units include worksheets. You may e-mail these to yourself or to your instructor as part of an assignment. Or, print a copy and bring it with you to the library for help with your project.

Each unit includes a quiz. When you finish, you will see your quiz results and can email a copy to your instructor.

When you finish with Research Roadmap, please take a minute to let us know about your experience, using the "Feedback" button above!

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License by the Humboldt State University Library. Adapted from Research 101, developed by the University of Washington Libraries.