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Request Instruction

You are encouraged to contact Library Faculty for instruction.

  • Please consult the appropriate librarian for your subject area.
  • Schedule a class by phone, email, or with this form.
  • If you cannot find your subject in the list, please contact Sarah Fay Philips, Instructional Services Librarian at 707-826-5589

Why work with a librarian?

  • Course assignments require the use of research materials from the Web or from the library.
  • Your students are transfer students unfamiliar with our library.
  • Your students are new to the research process.
  • Students could present stronger research sources.

When to Schedule?
Please request library instruction as early as possible (at least one week notice) so librarians can prepare for your class. Library faculty carry multiple responsibilities and are committed to careful preparation for each Library instruction class they teach.

Course Instruction Request Form