New Public Computer Use Policy

Worried? The new restrictions placed on non students’ access to the internet reminds me of the omni present “eyes” of Big Brother. Non users would be required to “register” with picture ID and valid address to get on the internet. Many libraries do not have such a restrictive rule. What are you going to do with the data you collect about surfing habits and don’t you think this will breach privacy and raise concerns about diminishing our creative and personal freedoms? Just the notion that where I surf can be tracked places a severe limitations on my creativity and freedom. The one hour restrictions will severly impact members of the community that cannot afford but would like to be involved with the digital age. What research can one do in one hour? HSU is not being a good community member and neighbor. As a student, I sometimes would like to surf the net or do research without using my student login number. It gives me a better sense of security when I know nobody is watching what I am reading. Hope you will reconsider your new restrictive rules. Hope this complaint will show up on the blog with your answer!

Dear Worried, We have implemented logon and registration for community users to allow members of the community to continue to be able to use our public workstations for unrestricted internet access. Many libraries, such as UC Berkeley, allow no unrestricted internet access at all for unaffiliated members of the community. The one-hour time limit is twice the time allowed by the Humboldt County Libraries whose mission is to serve the community. We have had a 30 minute time limit posted on many of our machines for quite a while, but some users have regularly exceeded this time limit. The Library’s catalog and databases are our primary research tool and they are available using the public logon. As to your concerns about “big brother” watching your activites, the Library performs no logging or monitoring of internet useage. There are logs of network activity that are maintained by the University’s Information Technology Services. If you are interested in finding out about these logs, please feel free to contact the University’s Information Security Officer. His contact information is available on the University’s web site. While we do not want to interfere with anyone’s intellectual freedom, all use of Library Computers must comply the the Library’s Policy for Responsible Computing in the Humboldt State University Library. Posted in: