Library Cafe Noise

I’d like to bring attention to the library cafe and its disruptiveness. I find it very hard to study when the baristas/students working in the library are singing out loud, talking very loud,and just not paying any consideration for the majority of students are studying. They seem to be projecting their conversations out loud purposely so that all can hear. The kids that work there act like they are performers on stage and we are supposed to be the audience. I would love if the noise level went down. It is fine to have a good time working but that can be had at a more appropriate level.  –Jennifer

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that your recent experience in the Library was not satisfactory. I have not personally noticed an unusually high level of noise or activity from the Library Cafe staff, but, in light of your comments, will pay closer attention in the future. If I find that the workers there are creating a disruption, I will be glad to follow-up with cafe management. Regardless, please bear in mind that the Library Cafe and, indeed, the entire first floor of the Library can be a very busy place (as I write this, for example, literally every seat in the Cafe is occupied). In recognition of that fact, we have designated the common areas of the first floor as a service zone, where Library users should expect a fairly high level of activity and noise. If anyone needs a more peaceful place to study, we encourage them to seek out one of our quiet study areas on the second and third floor, or make use of one of our enclosed study rooms. If you experience a recurrence of the problem that you have reported, or would like assistance locating a quiet place to study elsewhere in the building, please contact a member of the Library staff either at the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk. Posted in: