Checking Out Reserve Items

The textbooks for one of my classes are on reserve at the front desk. My copies are still in the mail so I need to use the ones that the library has in order to do my assignments. The problem is, I am in from 9am until approximately 6:30pm every day and the front desk closes at 7pm. I was wondering if I’d be able to come in at 6:30 and get the reserved books and keep them overnight. Thank you.

The front desk (Circulation Desk) is open the entire time that the Library is open, which varies depending on the day of the week. As far as checking reserve items out overnight, that depends on what the instructor has decided. If an item is 2-hour checkout, then you can check it out overnight within an hour of closing, due the next morning by 8:00 am. One Day checkout items can be checked out anytime and are due the following day at closing. And Library Use Only items, of course, cannot be taken out of the building. If you send me the instructor’s name and the course abbreviation and number (such as ART 101), I can tell you more specifically about the items on reserve for that course. Posted in: