New Silent Study Room Suggestions

The new quite room is a great and overdue addition to the needs of students like myself who need a distraction free study environment! Thank you for this resource! In response to the sign/John requesting feedback on the effectiveness of the room, their is a need to put up a sign at the immediately outside the room at the window near stairwell (next to the door to the room) to ask students who desire to socially study not to sit there; because as great as the rest of the quite study room’s effectiveness is, it all goes to ruin if people want to sit there and group study as was the case for me today as I was using the room. There is a door there that doesn’t block sound very well. I politely asked them to move and thankfully they did,but this awkward encounter can be avoided if a sign politely says to the effect ” In order for our new quite room behind you to be effective, we ask that this area be used for quite study only. Thank You for being considerate of others”.. Thank you library staff for improving our equal opportunity study access and responding to this minor additional fix!

We appreciate your comments regarding the new Silent Study Room and are glad to hear that it is serving its purpose. In response to your suggestion, we are giving serious consideration to designating the seating area along the windows outside of the room for quiet study only, which should help maintain silence within the room itself. We will also be adding additional signage in that area alerting everyone to the existence of the room and the need to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to ensure the success of the Silent Study Room. Posted in: