Temperature in the Library

Hi I was just wondering why the ac is always on in the library. It feels like the temperature is set extremely low. It’s always cold in the library and even having a jacket on, it’s very difficult to concentrate. Maybe we can set it to room temperature? I know many other students have complained about this issue as well. It’d make studying here a lot more comfortable since many students don’t like using the heaters at home. Thank you for your time!

We are sorry you are feeling cold in the Library but the only area in the building that has air conditioning is the L121 lab. We do have a huge boiler in the basement for heat and facilities management personnel take readings throughout this large building regularly to try to maintain comfortable temperatures. The temperature will vary according to the floor you are on, whether or not the windows are open, the number of students in an area, and, of course, the temperature outside. We have found the 3rd floor to be the warmest area and the fishbowl (L209) and the lobby to be the coldest because of the windows and doors. Of course, what’s comfortable for one student may be too hot or too cold for another, so another option is to dress in layers, adding or shedding clothes as needed. We hope you find a comfortable place to study. Posted in: