Webinar: Changing Motivations for Philanthropy and Their Impact on Funding

graphic of people for the webinar

Nonprofits often solely appeal to donors’ compassion to inspire giving. But emerging research in the philanthropic sector raises concerns that donor empathy as a primary cause of giving may be declining, driven by donor burnout, and overtaken by other reasons. Is this an actual trend, one that manifests across all donor segments? And if so, what might this mean for nonprofits?

This webinar on Wednesday, January 22 from 11am-12pm in the Library Fishbowl will explore changing motivations for philanthropy, changes over time in charitable giving, and possible generational differences in approaches to philanthropy. This program Will Further Explore:

  • Insights into key motivations for giving, based on new research
  • Practical strategies to implement in response to potentially changing giving motivations
  • Understandings of generational differences in giving, and what these means for your organization