Leadership Week SkillShops

Are you student leader? Have you ever wanted to be?  Student Engagement and Leadership Support (SEALS) brings a week of SkillShops created to improve your leadership skills and gain confidence.

Monday, March 27th:

  • Resilience & Adversity (10am, L114) - teaching students the importance of building and utilizing resiliency in the face of adversity
  • Getting Organized - the Perfect Week (11am, L208) - go over what smart scheduling is and how student leaders can develop their own perfect week as a scholar, student leader, and HSU community member

Tuesday, March 28th:

Wednesday, March 29th:

Thursday, March 30th:

  • Micro-Aggressions & Bystander Intervention (10am, L114) - introduce the concepts of micro-aggressions and it's various forms, explore the impact of micro-aggressions on campus communities, build a shared common understanding of micro-aggressions, and introduce True Jacks Stand concept and how student leaders can address micro-aggressions
  • On-Campus Event Planning 101 (2pm, L121) - go over all the things you need to consider in putting on a good event: Collaboration, Delegation, Advertisement and the Nitty-Gritty details