June 16, 2008

TO: The HSU Library Community
FROM: Wayne Perryman,
  Chair, Access Services Department
SUBJECT: Summer Construction Projects in the Library

This summer there will be several construction projects underway on the first floor of the Library, which will disrupt some of the normal activities in the building. At various times you will experience higher than usual noise and activity levels (e.g., painting, drilling, hammering, etc.), as the contractors complete their work. In addition, furniture will need to be temporarily rearranged to make room for the construction.

The projects that are currently underway or being planned include:

ˇ         A campus computer lab in the southeast corner (the former Food Friendly Area);

ˇ         An internet café, with diner style seating, and snack food, hot drink, and cold drink vending machines, along the windows on the west side of the lobby;

ˇ         A Library used bookstore in room 120A (the former Digital Literacy Closet, to the left of the Yurok canoe); and

ˇ         The rearrangement of the map storage units in the Atlas and Map Collection in the southwest corner.

We regret any inconvenience that these projects may cause for our users, and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve the services available in the Library. If you need to find a quiet place for study or reflection, rest assured that you will find it on the second and third floors. If you need assistance locating such a space, you can either consult one of the Library maps posted throughout the building and on our website, or direct your question to a member of the Library staff at the Reference or Circulation Desks.

If you any questions about these projects, please refer them to me at 826-5598 or to the Library Office at 826-3441.