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International Development

This guide lists key print resources in the HSU Library and resources found on the Internet that focus on international development, sustainable development, appropriate technology and women in development. For additional assistance please contact Robert Sathrum, Natural Resources Librarian.

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Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Directories of Organizations

Document Databases/Catalogs/Bibliographies

These resources index and describe thousands of print and online fulltext reports and other publications in international development. Combined they either 1) link to fulltext documents available on the Internet or in stand-alone cd-roms; or 2) describe print resources that HSU users can request on interlibrary loan. For resources that are organized by country see Country-Specific Report and Statistics below.

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Indexes to Journal Articles

For indexes to articles found in magazines and scholarly journals see Articles and Databases: International Development.

Country-Specific Reports and Statistics

See the Geography Research Guide--Country-Specific Reports and Statistics. The listed resources provide information on individual countries of the world, either fulltext accounts, statistical compilations or directories of links to country-specific internet resources.

Development Reviews and Indicators

This section includes annual or regular recurring reports that highlight recent developments or provide indicators that index progress in development. See also Environmental Reviews listed in the Environmental Science Research Guide.

Atlases and Maps

In addition to the following geospatial resources that focus on development issues see the HSU Library Geospatial Resources research guide for other print and digital geospatial resources available in the HSU Library or on the internet.

Source: Globalis


See also the HSU Library Search Engines for Images, Multimedia, & Video research guide for additional image sources.

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Internet Portals and Gateways

See also the gateways and portals listed under Country-Specific Reports and Statistics.

News and Current Events