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Maps and Atlases: Reference Resources

Sources marked with a are recommended places to start.


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Directories and Guides

Internet Portals and Gateways

The following are specialized "subject guides" to static and interactive maps found on the Internet.


For California gazetteers see Maps and Atlases--California--Gazetteers and for northwestern California gazetteers see Maps and Atlases--Northwestern California--Gazetteers.

Map Projections

  • Choosing a World Map: Attributes, Distortions, Classes, Aspects (American Cartographic Association) 1988 (ref GA 110 R662)
  • Map Projections Overview (Dana)
  • Which Map is Best? Projections for World Maps (American Cartographic Association) 1986 (ref GA 110 R63)

Style Manuals