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Individual Maps and Atlases

The HSU Map Collection contains many state level or country level geologic maps. In the HSU Library Catalog limit to the "Map Collection" and do a keyword search using the keywords geolog? and [the name of a state or country]. Listed below are selected general world and United States geologic maps available in print in the HSU Library or on the Internet.

United States Geological Survey Map Series

US Geological Survey publishes maps in the following series. The Publications Warehouse allows one to search for USGS publications by author, title, subject, or series. The Advanced Search option allows one to search or browse by series or limit to publications that are online or that can be downloaded for GIS applications. Print publications of the US Geological Survey are found in the US Government Documents Collection.

  • Coal Investigations Map (print copy available in Docs I 19.85) Contains multicolor or black and white geologic maps that show bedrock geology, stratigraphy, and structural relations of selected coals resource areas.
  • Digital Data Series (US Geological Survey) (cd-roms available in Docs I 19.121--cd-rom cabinet) Series of cd-roms containing maps and other reports.
  • Geologic Atlas of the United States (print copies available in Docs I 19.5/1 folio) 227 volume map folio series produced from 1894 to 1945. Each volume includes a topographic map and several thematic maps with accompanying text describing the geology and economic geology of the mapped area. Most maps are at scales of 1:62,500 or 1:125,000. Superceded in 1949 by the Geologic Quadrangle Map series. See Index to the Folios of the Geologic Atlas of the U.S..
  • Geologic Investigation Series Map (formerly Miscellaneous Investigations Series and Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations) (print copies available in Docs I 19.91) Contains mostly multicolor maps covering diverse topics such as bedrock and surficial geology, marine geology, mineral and energy resources, and geophysics and geochemistry. The series also includes maps of the Earth's Moon and other planetary bodies, hydrogeology, landforms, earthquake epicenters, map projections, and oblique-view maps.
  • Geologic Quadrangle Map (print copies available in Docs I 19.88) Contains more than 1,700 multicolor maps that show the bedrock, surficial, or engineering geology of selected 7.5- or 15-minute quadrangles in the United States. The series, begun in 1949, is a continuation of the earlier Folios of the Geologic Atlas of the United States.
  • Geophysical Investigations Map (print copies available in Docs I 19.87) Shows results of surveys using geophysical techniques, such as gravity, magnetic, seismic, or radioactivity, which reflect subsurface structures that are of economic or geologic significance. Many maps are correlated with the geology of the area.
  • Mineral Investigations Resource Map (formerly Mineral Investigations Field Studies) (print copies available in Docs I 19.90)
  • Miscellaneous Field Studies Map (print copies available in Docs I 19.113) Contains more than 2,200 mostly black and white maps that cover nearly all aspects of USGS investigations and research. Later maps are on various subjects such as bedrock and surficial geology, offshore geology, mineral resource assessments, geophysical and geochemical surveys, and environmental studies. The maps are either the preliminary results of ongoing studies or the final results of studies that lack the scope necessary for the I and GQ Series.
  • Oil & Gas Investigations Chart (print copies available in Docs I 19.93) Show the subsurface structure and stratigraphy and surface geology of selected oil and gas fields and of other areas having hydrocarbon potential. They may be black and white or multicolor.
  • Oil & Gas Investigations Map (print copies available in Docs 19.93) Show the area of oil and gas fields, surface geology, subsurface stratigraphy and geologic structure.
  • Open File Report (selective print copies available in Docs I 19.76) Contains unpublished manuscript reports, maps, and other material that are available for public consultation but which are considered nonpermanent.
  • Scientific Investigations Map (print copy available in Docs 19.91/3) Scholarly series aimed at the professional that includes both black-and-white and multicolor sheets and pamphlets covering such diverse subjects as geology, bathymetry, vegetation, landforms, hydrology, hydrogeology, land classification, map projections, quality of water, aquifers, distribution of species, and maps of the Moon, planets, and other satellites.