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Current Awareness in the Sciences

The following alerting services allow you to keep current and informed about new literature and developments in the scientific world by sending you regular notices using email or a RSS feed. Only those services that are available to HSU users or offered for free are listed.


In addition to the following services many other journal publishers have alerting services for the contents of journals they publish.


Listed below are news services that offer free regular email or RSS feeds to which you can subscribe are listed. For coverage of environmental news see Environmental Science -- Current Awareness/News.

For lists of sites that report science news on a regular basis that you can read online see Open Questions: Science News Sites.

Hot Papers and Topics

Listed below are sites that list hot papers in specific subject areas:

There are other subscription services, e.g., Faculty of 1000 and Scopus that also list hot papers but which are not available at the HSU Library.


Listed below are sites designed for academic researchers for storing, tagging, organizing and sharing information found on the web. It is a good way to find other researchers with common interests and resources related to their research interests that they have tagged. For additional information on some of these sites see Reference Management Tools for Research and Writing.


Blogs have become a contemporary way to exchange information and keep current for scientists who prefer to get information from their peers. Blogs may be from individuals (faculty, researchers, grad students) or from organizations (journals, corporations, newswires). Many of the best blogs also link to other influential blogs on the same topic. You can also create RSS feeds for individual blogs in your RSS reader. Sources for identifying science blogs include: