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Film Reviews

Film reviews are usually brief recommendations on the entertainment, cultural, or artistic value of a film. They typically include a plot summary and a few key points about outstanding features of the film.

For scholarly or theoretical analysis of films, directors, genres, etc., please see Books on Film Topics and Articles and Databases for Film. For more information on the differences between popular and scholarly publications, please see Research Roadmap.


Use your favorite search engine to find film reviews, or check these recommended sites:


Use the HSU Library Catalog to find collections of movie reviews by searching for

motion pictures reviews

in Subject (use the drop down menu).

Electronic Subscription Sources - These sources, under Articles & Databases on the Library homepage, are available to anyone in the library or on campus, and from off campus locations to Humboldt State University faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students only.

Here are recommended sources and tips for finding film reviews in them:

Reference sources also list film reviews; some include reprints. Here are recommended items in our Reference Collection: