Helpful Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM) Categories

Orientation Information

OCM 101 - identifies the culture

OCM 102 - contains maps

OCM 103 - contains place names

OCM 104 - provides a glossary

OCM 105 - provides a cultural summary

Source Information In The Files

Each file page lists the source number from which the page was drawn. Information on these sources can be found in OCM categories 110-116.

OCM 111 - provides full bibliographic citations for each source processed for the file. These are arranged chronologically by source number. In addition to OCM category 111 within each file, the HRAF Source Bibliography (ref GN 316 H85) can be used to locate bibliographic information on sources contained in the HRAF files.

OCM 112 - provides bibliographic information on sources consulted but not processed for the file.

OCM 113 - contains additional references, consisting of bibliographic information that appears in sources not included in HRAF (e.g. footnotes and endnotes).

OCM 116 - contains copies of the entire texts processed for the file. OCM 116 is especially useful for examining the context of a given file page within a given document or source article. (In some instances, HRAF was not able to secure permission to reproduce the entire document, but individual pages are reproduced within the relevant OCM headings).

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