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HRAF Source Bibliography (Ref GN 316 H85) Cumulative 1976-2005

This bibliography includes citation information for all sources included in each culture studied.  The sources are listed by culture using the 4 digit alpha-numeric OWC Code and numbered within each cultural list.  The date in the upper left corner of each page indicates when each particular list was most recently updated.

The bibliography was updated yearly through 2005, at which point HRAF began to list sources only in their eHRAF service.  HSU is not able to subscribe to eHRAF.

In cases where HSU does not own the source, this bibliography provides information so that an interlibrary loan request for the materials may be initiated.

Ethnographic Bibliography of North America (ref E 77 M87 1975)

This five-volume bibliography provides "basic coverage of the published literature on the Native People of North America through the end of the year 1972." The volumes are organized by geographic regions.

Index to the Human Relations Area Files (Ref Microfiche MC1639) 1988

This subject index may be used to find whether there is information in the files on a given OCM topic for a particular cultural group and the specific sources which cover that topic for a particular culture. This 1988 cumulative edition is on microfiche and covers materials processed in the HRAF collection through December 1986.   By December 1986 the HRAF contained 330 major cultural files, over 5,000 sources, and over 800,000 pages.  The Index provides subject access to important sources on these 300 major cultures.

If a culture group is not listed under a given OCM category code, then there is not any information in the files for that combination of culture and cultural material.

Atlas of World Cultures: a Geographic Guide to Ethnographic Literature (Atlas G1046 E1 P7 1989)

Outline of Cultural Materials (Ref GN 345.3 O95 1982) 5th ed., 1982

A comprehensive classification scheme used by HRAF to index "all aspects of human behavior, customs, social life, material products and ecological setting."   The system has 79 main topics and is subdivided into distinct subject categories.  Each category has a corresponding 3-digit number.

The Outline of Cultural Materials may also be accessed in an updated form at the HRAF web site as subject category listings or by numerical hierarchy.

Outline of World Cultures (Ref GN 345.3 M87 1983) 5th ed., 1983

A geographical classification of all cultural groups worldwide. Each group is assigned a 4-digit code consisting of two letters and a number. For instance, the OWC code for the Yurok culture is NS31—N  standing for the North American cultural area.  All known cultures are listed and assigned a OWC code, but not all cultures listed here have HRAF files since development of the files is ongoing.

This is a list of the geographic regions used in the OWC.

A list of the cultures covered by HRAF through 2004 and a list of the OWC codes is detailed by HRAF.

For a complete list of the ethnographic files that HRAF has completed — whether in microfiche or in their digital eHRAF collection, see this printable Adobe PDF version of HRAF’s Complete Collection List through 2008.

The Cross-cultural Test of Demographic Causal Hypotheses:  Data Tables, Techniques, Methods and Sources (GN 33.5 S56)

Human Relations Area Files:  Oceania (Ref Microfiche MC1667)

(Covers the cultures of Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia)

Worldwide Theory Testing (GN 345.7 N37)

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