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Research Guides: Soil Science

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  • Contact Robert Sathrum, Natural Resources Librarian
  • Ask a Librarian (in-person, phone, chat, email)
  • Understand how and where information in soil sciences is published
  • Literature of Science
  • Soil Science Journals
  • Organize your search for scientific information
  • Searching the Scientific Literature
  • Find papers in journals, conference proceedings, etc.
  • Articles and Databases: Soil Science
  • Find books, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, etc
  • Finding Books in Soil Science
  • Use "reference" materials to 1) gain a better understanding of a topic; 2) identify key scholarly literature; or 3) locate specific information for experimental work.

  • Guides to Reference Sources
  • Directories
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Handbooks and Manuals
  • Soil Classification
  • Soil Databases
  • Find information from government agencies
  • Natural Resources Agency Government Documents and Reports
  • U.S. Forest Service Publications
  • Find quality information on the Internet
  • Internet Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways
  • Find soil maps
  • Geospatial Resources - Maps and Atlases: Soil Maps
  • Find information on California soils
  • California Environment Information Sources - Soils
  • Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Environment Information Sources - Soils
  • Organize and cite references; write a paper; prepare a presentation
  • Information Management and Communication in the Sciences