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Information Competency Lab
Policy for Use

For more information or to reserve the Information Competency Lab, Library 121, please call the Information Services Office at 826-4953 or email Cheryl Conner.

Definition of Information Competency Function

The primary purpose of the lab is to provide training for information competency. The CSU broadly defines this as the ability to find, evaluate, use, communicate, and appreciate information in all its various formats. Other uses may include instruction in the use of campus office applications.

Priorities and Types of Use for the Lab

  1. Information competency and library skills instruction by librarians. These sessions may be single events or a series. They may be library-sponsored non-credit sessions or class sections of credit courses taught by the librarian for the teaching faculty member.
  2. Information competency instruction not associated with any other instruction. This may be an individual session or series of sessions taught by Library, ITS and/or other organizations on the campus (Faculty Development, Personnel, etc.).
  3. Information competency testing.
  4. Information competency orientation for for-credit courses taught by non-librarians. These sessions, typically taught by the course instructor, are solely for the purpose of orienting students to the use of electronic communications in a specific course. Instructors will be limited to one session/semester/class section.
  5. Specially scheduled sessions of information competency instruction provided by campus personnel for public school students, community college students, and/or community members when such sessions do not adversely impact services to HSU students, faculty, and staff.
  6. Self-instructional computing lab, open for students and faculty to use when not otherwise scheduled.

During registration and the first week of each semester, special priority will be given to new-student orientations given by ITS.

Additional Terms for Operating and Maintenance

The equipment for the facility is provided and maintained by ITS.

Scheduling is done by Library staff in the Information Services Office.