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How Do I Find Access to My Network File Space?

Windows operating systems

For other operating systems see ITS pages.

If you are logged in as yourself, you have access to a network drive that is mapped as your U drive. This will show up on the machines in the Library, in the labs, and in the Learning Commons. This is a good way to save results for printing at a different station and will be available as long as you are an HSU student.

If you are is using one of the Library's public logon machines, you may map this drive and use your network file space, without being logged in as yourself at the machine. Here is how you do it.

  1. Right click on My Computer, then select the “Map Network Drive…” option.
  2. My computer
  3. Select the U: drive for mapping and enter \\folders\hsu user name on the path. Then click finish.
  4. Network Folder Prompt
  5. The dialog will ask for a user name and password. This is the same logon as for the computers or anything else.
  6. User Name and Password Prompt
  7. You should now see a U drive that you can save things to. When you log in at another machine it will be there.
  8. Network U Drive
  9. Remember to right click “my computer” and select “disconnect network drive” before you walk away. You may also restart the computer.
  10. Disconnect Network Drives