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HSU Library Research Help Service Mission Statement

Research help service at the HSU Library assists our user community in meeting their information needs while promoting information literacy and lifelong learning. In a constantly changing information environment with evolving formats and pathways to information discovery reference service is multidimensional in its approach. A variety of communication modes is utilized to address the different needs and learning styles of our user community. This is achieved by providing a mixture of the following:

  1. Teaching our users how to find, evaluate and appropriately utilize information.
  2. Providing an in-person presence for research assistance in the Library while also utilizing other avenues of synchronous and asynchronous communication.
  3. Recognizing and accommodating our users' varied learning styles.
  4. Ensuring that all Library staff have a minimal level of knowledge about Library services and collections and know when and to whom to refer questions.
  5. Incorporating research and information competency into the University curriculum.
  6. Sustaining a research assistance presence beyond the Library.
  7. Encouraging the use of libraries as places for lifelong learning and the exchange of ideas.