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Journal & Newspaper Finder

The Journal & Newspaper Finder lists magazines, journals, newspapers, and serials available through the HSU Library, along with years of availability. It includes 13,000 print titles and 17,000 fulltext titles. Fulltext titles are available through the Internet to current HSU students, faculty, and staff. See Off-Campus Access to Databases for additional information on remote access.

To find individual articles by author or subject use databases listed on the Articles & Databases page. Most of these databases include a FindIt@HSU button at the article level that links to the Journal & Newspaper Finder.

Search options:

  • A-Z List - Click on an alphabetic letter to browse.
  • "Starts with" - Enter the first word or word(s) to browse all titles that begin with the word(s) you enter.
  • "Keyword(s)" - Enter one or more word(s) in any order. You can also enter standard abbreviations for journals, e.g., jacs, ecol mono.
  • Exact - Enter the exact title of the publication you want to find, eg., time.
Category - Browse titles by subject category. (Note: not all print publications are included.)

Locate - Search by title, ISSN, category, publisher/vendor, or a combination of two or more fields.

Citation - Enter exact bibliographic information (author, title, journal title, year, etc.) for an article citation.

If you have difficulty deciphering or searching an abbreviated title consult the sources listed in Periodical Title Abbreviations.

For other lists of fulltext journals, some of which are freely available, see Fulltext Journal Directories.