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Internet Access in the Library

The Library has public access computers, which anyone - whether affiliated with Humboldt State University or not - may use. These are located on the east side of the main floor, on the second floor, and on the third floor. One of the main floor computers is reserved for individuals with disabilities only.

Public computers provide different internet access, depending on which logon is used:

Some computers are Quick Reference only and automatically logon at a level that provides internet access to library, .edu, and .gov sites only. No personal logons are possible at these computers, and there is no access to commercial email or social networking sites. Quick Reference computers are labeled to identify them. Two computers on the 1st floor and some of the second and third floor computers are for Quick Reference.

HSU students, faculty, and staff may use their HSU username and password to logon to any library computer for unrestricted internet access, with the exception of Quick Reference computers.

Registered HSU alumni and Community Borrowers may request a username and password in person at the Library’s ID Office that allows unrestricted internet access for a maximum duration of 2 hours each day.

Other patrons may register in person as a short-term Community Internet Users (CIU) at the Circulation desk to receive a username and password that allows unrestricted internet access for a maximum duration of one hour each day. CIU does not include wireless access. The username and password for this type of logon are valid for up to one week. All passwords expire each Monday morning.

Computers in the computer labs (Rooms 121 and 122 on the main floor and Room 310 on the 3rd floor) and the Learning Commons are for use by HSU students, faculty, and staff only.